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JTC Global AIFM Solutions UK provides UK-based asset managers with EU and non-EU AIFM solutions bespoke to our clients’ individual needs.

Backed by a well-invested and stable organisational structure, our AIFM services are comprehensive, cost effective and reduce risk, underpinned by agile teams with in-depth experience and knowledge in operating in compliance with the AIFMD, MiFID and UCITS.

Our breadth of expertise covers private equity, venture capital, commodities, derivatives, equities and fixed income.


Regulatory Hosting

JTC Global AIFM Solutions UK provides a regulatory hosting solution, which is fully AIFMD, UCITS and MiFID authorised. Our team has extensive expertise in derivatives, equities, fixed income, commodities, private equity and venture capital, and boasts close relationships with leading service providers, including prime brokers and law firms. It also offers clients a Compliance Monitoring Programme via an online portal.

Capital Introductions

Our team provides a highly curated capital introduction service enabling external and internal managers to access its wide network of institutional investors, including pension funds, asset managers and family offices.

Investment Management Consulting

With a wealth of experience and knowledge covering products across multiple asset classes, our team provides tailored consulting services to clients, including:

  • Fund structuring (both on and offshore)
  • Managed accounts
  • Venture capital / Angel start up support

Risk and Compliance Consulting

JTC Global AIFM Solutions UK and its partners can provide tailored risk management and compliance oversight services covering all aspects of AIFMD, MiFiD II and UCITS, including:

  • Risk Management function to oversee compliance of statutory risk limits
  • Online compliance monitoring
  • Ongoing training programme


Stephane Carty

CEO – JTC Global AIFM Solutions UK


Simon Monson

Director – JTC Global AIFM Solutions UK


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