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JTC Global AIFM Solutions S.A. in Luxembourg provides AIFs with a broad range of AIFM services, including portfolio management, risk management, compliance, marketing, valuation and regulatory reporting.

Our AIFM services are comprehensive, cost effective and reduce risk. They are underpinned by agile teams with extensive in-depth expertise and knowledge in operating in compliance with the AIFMD.

In addition, our experienced team can provide truly tailored fund services, whether it be the full suite of services, or stand-alone solutions to meet all fund managers’ needs. Dedicated services include: Third party AIFM, depositary, central administration, and transfer agency.


AIFM, Portfolio, Valuation and Risk Management Solutions

JTC Global AIFM Solutions S.A. is a regulated AIFM and ensures compliance with AIFMD in respect of each AIF it manages, even when such compliance may be outside of its controls. Our comprehensive AIFM Solutions include:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Valuation
  • Marketing
  • Oversight
  • Compliance

Fund Structuring

Our in-depth knowledge of the fund industry and all asset classes, particularly around alternatives, allows for quality and efficient on-boarding, which includes the establishment of our clients’ funds in Luxembourg. Our expert teams work closely with our clients’ lawyers and third party service providers, and handle all necessary registrations with the local regulator. During the establishment phase, we set up operational teams for the proper running of our clients’ funds and ensure implementation all necessary processes to ensure optimum efficiency.

Service Provider Selection

Our teams have in-depth experience working with third party service providers, and as a result, are well placed to recommend highly credible local service providers (administrators, depositaries, audit firms, legal advisors) are well based on the asset class and the specific fund requirements.

AIFMD Reporting

In order to efficiently monitor and prevent systemic risk and market disruptions, regular reporting is submitted to the Luxembourg regulator CSSF. Our teams can organise the reporting to the CSSF on an ad hoc basis.

AML/CFT Compliance Officer services for AIFs

Our compliance teams provide AML/CFT compliance officer services to the AIF they manage. This service includes:

  • Reporting to the local authorities
  • Monitoring of the AML procedures and activities of the service providers
  • Drafting policies and procedures in line with Luxembourg requirements
  • Sample testing of AML files 
  • Training to Board of Directors
  • Reporting to the Fund Board on AML matters

Luxembourg Resident Directors

There is a requirement for domiciled funds in Luxembourg to have a majority of locally resident Directors. We have a number of Directors with extensive experience across the funds sector who have a deep understanding of all asset classes, including regulatory knowledge to ensure compliance at any time and can advise the Board of the AIF accordingly.


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